Basic Manual Assists

Learn hands on manual assists

Instructed by Rachel Bush

Length: Take it at your own pace.

Format: Pre-recorded videos that act as a resource for you to access anytime you'd like to practice or review.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Course Description

This course will be a review of basic manual assists that can be used in yoga class, private sessions, or as a therapeutic practice with friends and loved ones. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to use these videos, although some experience with yoga is suggested.

What are the requirements?

Some knowledge of Yoga postures and anatomy is a plus for this course, but you do not need to be a teacher to enjoy the benefits of hands on assisting. You will need a gracious volunteer or volunteers to practice on while watching the videos- it is helpful if your volunteer also has some experience with yoga, but they do not need to be advanced in their practice.

What am I going to get from this Course?

This course is spilt into 3 sections. The first section will be information about manual assisting and some tips to not only be more effective with your touch, but to make sure you feel comfortable and confident while you are offering these assists. The second section has short videos showing individual assists listed by pose name. These videos are meant to be resources that you can review anytime. The third section offers two short routines that you can practice with a student, partner or friend, tying multiple poses together so you can practice assisting each pose. One routine is a short active yoga practice that will be both invigorating and supportive for your partner. The second routine is reclining and meant to be relaxing and therapeutic for your partner. You will also have the capability to ask questions through Dream See Do via text or video about assists and get feedback and support from Rachel as you develop your repertoire.

Who is this Course for?

Yoga teachers, massage therapists or yoga students wanting to explore working with a partner

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